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Mission Statement

Connexon Creative’s mission is to accelerate science by providing tools that enhance communication within science and medicine.


Connexon Creative began with the publication of Cell Therapy News, which was originally sent as a personal email to several colleagues in the cell therapy community as a way to communicate the field’s latest biomedical developments. The number of people interested in these emails quickly grew, as did their content, and Cell Therapy News was first published online and sent to 3,000 subscribers in February, 2002. Since then, the subscribership of Cell Therapy News, which remains Connexon’s largest and most popular newsletter, has grown to include approximately 9,000 biomedical researchers and industry professionals in science and medicine!

Recognizing that the success of Cell Therapy News signified a genuine need for an effective platform for communicating science to scientists, Connexon Creative began adding additional free science newsletters to its publication repertoire in 2007, and has since expanded its offering to 20 weekly publications covering a number of areas in cell biology and immunology. Combined, these have garnered more than 60,000 subscriptions.

A part of the STEMCELL group of companies, Connexon Creative fulfills the mandate “Scientists Helping Scientists” by providing researchers and medical professionals with expertly-prepared, timely, comprehensive updates on their fields. By saving our readers time and keeping them informed, our services allow scientists to devote more time and energy towards advancing science and medicine.

Connexon Creative’s Online Publications

Newsletter   Release Day   Launch Year  
Cell Therapy News Monday 2002
ESC & iPSC News Wednesday 2007
Neural Cell News Wednesday 2008
Cord Blood News Thursday 2009
Mesenchymal Cell News Tuesday 2009
Mammary Cell News Thursday 2009
Immune Regulation News Friday 2009
Hematopoiesis News Tuesday 2010
Pancreatic Cell News Tuesday 2010
Prostate Cell News Friday 2010
Extracellular Matrix News Thursday 2010
Cancer Stem Cell News Wednesday 2012
Pulmonary Cell News Thursday 2012
Immunology of Infectious Disease News Wednesday 2013
Human Immunology News Tuesday 2013
Intestinal Cell News Friday 2015
Dermal Cell News Monday 2015
Muscle Cell News Monday 2016
Endothelial Cell News Monday 2016
Hepatic Cell News Friday 2017

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Intestinal Cell News – @Intestinal_Cell
Mammary Cell News – @MammaryCell
Mesenchymal Cell News – @MesenchymalCell
Muscle Cell News – @MuscleCellNews
Neural Cell News – @NeuralCell
Pancreatic Cell News – @PancreaticCell
Prostate Cell News – @ProstateCell
Pulmonary Cell News – @Pulmonary_News
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What’s Next?

Connexon Creative is not done expanding! Our subscribership continues to increase, and we have identified many more niches to cover within the exciting, constantly advancing fields of science and medicine. We are extremely passionate about science communication, and ultimately, our goal is to serve as a global information hub for medical professionals and academic and industrial researchers in the biomedical fields. Specifically, we aim to facilitate the advancement of scientific discovery and innovation by providing an effective, efficient means for science professionals to keep current with research findings and science news, as well as to support growth, connection and collaboration amongst members of the scientific and medical communities.

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